100 Basic Signs (American Sign Language)

Dr. Bill Vicars reviewing basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs with a student (Sarah). This 24:14 minute video doesn’t need or use sound. For individual vocabulary items and additional information see “First 100 Signs” at:
For basic fingerspelling help, see http://asl.gs
For fingerspelling practice, see http://asl.ms



Kathy Buckley Inspirational Speaker

Gifted comedienne, award-winning actress, accomplished author, and renowned inspirational speaker Kathy Buckley is a force like no other. Whether performing in a comedy club, appearing on television, speaking publicly, teaching at camps for children and teens, or appearing in any number of other settings, Kathy Buckley bears her message that anything can be achieved when the heart and the mind work together.

The Deaf in Performing Arts

—Deaf West Theater (3:56)


—Thien Thu Quan Am (Thousand Hand Guan Yin)

—In 2004 this truly amazing Chinese dance group made its international debut at the Athens. Its members have profound hearing losses and cannot speak. Leaders, who do not have disabilities, coordinate and direct the dancers’ movements from the four corners of the stage.

Deaf People DO Have Interesting Jobs!

This short preview highlights a number of Deaf people in professional occupations. The viewer will get a short but honest impression of Deaf people doing a variety of jobs. It is hoped that this will provide young Deaf people with a perspective on the types of work they can do in the future.

Cathy Oshrain, who was born deaf, teaches sign language to students who can hear at North Miami Beach Senior High School. Oshrain is the only deaf teacher teaching students who can hear in South Florida. Emily Michot / Miami Herald Staff