Achievement Gap Hurts Equality in Schools

Researchers say budget cuts to education are harming some students more than others.

Students face inequitable life circumstances that put them at risk for school failure.

Students of color are more than twice as likely as White students to live in poverty which exposes them to factors that negatively affect school success such as poor nutrition, healthcare, and schools.


Define American: Jose’s Story

Undocumented students experience difficult situations, with few rights in the country they call home and little to no familiarity with their birth country. This video and website welcomes the viewer to a new conversation about immigration in our country.

To learn more (and share your story if relevant), visit

Define American is dedicated to changing the conversation about immigrants in America who are an inexorable part of our communities and our society. Founded by award-winning multimedia journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, Define American harnesses the power of storytelling and social media to bring about greater awareness of and support for immigration reform.

Wendy Nelson-Kauffman on Culturally Responsive Teaching

A culturally responsive teacher does the following:

  • Acknowledges and legitimizes different cultural heritages
  • Connects meaning between home and school experiences
  • Teaches students to understand and appreciate their own heritage.
  • Incorporates multicultural knowledge, resources, and materials in all subjects.
  • Critically examines own attitudes and assumptions
  • Changes the course of students’ lives by providing active, persistent, and positive interventions.
  • Builds trusting relationships
  • Mentors and advocates for students
  • Transmits academic knowledge and skills

For Young Newcomers, School Offers a Stepping Stone to Life in America

Around the nation, cities that take in refugees face the challenge of how to educate young people who speak little or no English. The NewsHour’s April Brown visits Houston, now the most diverse city in the U.S., where Las Americas Newcomer School teaches both the ABCs and the basics of life in a new country. This was aired on the PBS Newshour on 11/19/2015.

New Instructional Model Helps English Learners Succeed

The growing number of English learners in US schools has risen by 145 percent. Teachers are grappling with strategies that effectively impact learning for these students. The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, or SIOP model, is taking what we know about best practices and offering teachers a comprehensive model for planning effective lessons – one that is helping students perform better on standardized tests and master English at a faster rate than before.

Multiple Intelligences Thrive in Smartsville

Multiple Intelligences are a highly effective Universal Design approach to teaching and learning.

At the Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy, in Gainesville, Georgia, students know exactly how they are smart. To read more about these students, please visit:…