Miss-Interpretations of The Common Core and Teaching Writing: Dumbing Down with Ridiculous Rules, Mortifying Myths and Loquacious Lies

I like what this teacher has to say about teaching writing and the Common Core Standards.

Conversation Education

I am just home after meeting with some very talented and knowledgeable 6th grade teachers.  Our goal, to discuss the Common Core standards and get a feel for where they were in planning for their upcoming insurgence.

Part of the discussion was that in writing a persuasive piece of writing that the use of “I” is forbidden.  I asked by whom it was forbidden and they both looked at me like, “everyone” knows this.  And in walks the infamous “They” that makes these rules.  Who is the “they” in this arena?  And while you can find that in certain places the use of “I” is frowned upon it is not in others.  What about the fact that some of the best persuasive pieces ever written have a very capital and strong sense of I!! 


For instance, if you read through my blog entries, how would you classify (for lack…

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PARCC and CCS What???

For new teachers and parents, all the acronyms in education can become overwhelming. Just when Arizonans were comfortable with understanding the acronym for Arizona’s AIMS testing, it’s time to become familiar with a new one: PARCC. This stands for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. Arizona has adopted the CCS, that’s the Common Core Standards which should be fully implemented by the next school year (2013 – 2014). On the heels of this implementation, the AIMS test will be replaced by the PARCC which will be ready to be administered during the 2014-2015 school year.

Here’s information on Arizona’s involvement with this process. If you are from another state, go here to see if your state has jumped on the wagon.

If you’d like to learn more about the Common Core Standards in AZ, here is Arizona’s Common Core webpage. Enjoy the ride!