Yoga for Students with PTSD

Here’s a YouTube video from PBS on a school program to help traumatized students deal with their stress in a positive manner. You will see 7th graders learning yoga as a way to cope with stress of life in a community rife with homelessness, shooting, and gang war trauma (PTSD)



Toolkits: NEA’s Bullyfree It Starts With Me

Here are some resources for bullying prevention from They are downloadable .pdfs on the following: (click on “Source” link cited at the end.)

Identify, Intervene, Advocate

  • How to Identify Bullying
  • How to Intervene in a Bullying Incident
  • How to Be an Advocate for Bullied Students


  • Bullying and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Intervention Training Modules

More Toolkits

  • After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools
  • Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying
  • Bullying, Harassment and Hazing

Source: Toolkits: NEA’s Bullyfree It Starts With Me