Brain Injury Alliance of AZ

I’m currently doing my annual decluttering and organizing, a challenge for all teachers who tend to save things that might be useful for their practice in the future. One of the purposes of this blog is to serve as a repository of articles and resources that my college students and others may find useful.

Here’s a resource I saved in my pile that I would like to share today. It is the weblink for the Brain Injury Alliance of AZ

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona (BIAAZ) is a non-profit membership organization of people with brain injuries and their families, friends, and service providers working together since 1983 to provide information and referrals, education, advocacy and support for those affected by brain injury.

At this site you will find pages on the following:

  • Learn about Brain Injury
  • Coping with Brain Injury
  • Find Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Community Involvement
  • About Us
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Calendar of Events

At the bottom of the home page is a link to Navigating the System: A Guide for People with TBI and their families. When you click on this, it takes you to a page that lists a series of videos on the following topics:

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

In the Hospital

In Rehabilitation

At Home and in the Community

Children and TBI

I Hurt My Head But Didn’t Get Help

To the right of each video there is a list of resources you can access.

Overall, I am impressed with what this organization and website has to offer for a person with traumatic brain injury as well as families and professionals helping that person.



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