Here’s some good information on alternative sources of calcium that may be required by children who are allergic to dairy products.

Mission Nutrition

Following on from our last post, we’re highlighting some alternate sources of calcium for you all! Most commonly, calcium is found in milk and dairy products. However for some reasons (vegan, vegetarian, medical reasons, food aversions etc.) some individuals may not consume these products and may be missing out on essential calcium. Therefore this mineral has to be obtained from other sources instead.

Calcium is needed for development and maintenance of your skeleton, and for muscular and cardiac function. Many other factors do play a role in calcium absorption, storage and use within the body, however calcium itself is an important mineral that is still needed through dietary sources! Women and men who are between 19-30 have a recommended dietary intake of 1000mg per day. This intake is slightly higher in menopausal women (1300mg/day) and for men above 70 years of age (1300mg/day). This picture shows some alternate sources of…

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