A ’worrisome’ risk: Most babies are fed solid food too soon, study finds


This article warns of a growing trend that may be risking babies’ health by giving them solid food before their bodies can tolerate it. While the recommendation is to breast feed until the baby is 6 months old, 40% give their babies solid food before they are 4 months old and nearly 10% at 4 weeks old! That puts infants at risk of choking, as well as developing diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, obesity, and diabetes. It also deprives them of breast-feeding’s benefits: improved immune system health and decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Many mothers falsely believe solid food would help their babies sleep, and more than 50% said their doctors had “told them it was time to introduce solid food.” Young, unmarried, and low-income mothers were also more likely than average to start their babies on solids early because of the high cost of formula.

A ’worrisome’ risk: Most babies are fed solid food too soon, study finds.


Using “I” Messages

I found an excellent website that explains the concept of using “I” messages when communicating concerns, especially touchy ones, with others. This is an important communication skill for educators, parents, and students alike. Here’s the website: http://www.only-effective-communication-skills.com/imessages.html

Read this Autism Mom’s reaction to April being Autism Awareness Month. It give you some insight into what parents of children with autism are dealing with every day.

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April is Autism Awareness Month so of course being  an active advocate I am glad that awareness and acceptance are making their rounds. I hate the fact that April is also prime time for every controversial issue in the autism community to be argued about.(Not pointing any fingers here, I too am guilty of this. Most of these people argue because they’re passionate about their loved ones. I can relate to that, I just can’t participate anymore) I am to the point where I feel guarded about some of my opinions, particularly in April. I used to be an open book but it is unbelievably exhausting to argue with people everyday and have to be on the defensive 24/7. I can’t handle all of that bad energy. It doesn’t make me productive, it makes me a depressed and people can sense it. I have decided that this year, rather…

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Putting Feelings Into Words Produces Therapeutic Effects In The Brain

Putting Feelings Into Words Produces Therapeutic Effects In The Brain.

Here’s some science news on brain research that is relevant to educators when we are working with children. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we continue to work with the whole child and not be distracted by curriculum and standards. In the end, it is the emotionally proficient individual who will be successful in life. I fear that the present reform movement with its emphasis on Common Core Standards and constant assessment of progress is going to undermine the social, emotional, and multiple intelligences development of our children. Standardization and assessment have their place in education, but these are far from the whole enchilada! Children are not widgets, they are human beings!