We are really missing the boat as educators if we only focus on academic skills and neglect social skills.


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communication_j how goodFrom Communicating with Confidence

We probably all know people, who are really good listeners. No matter what kind of situation we’re in, they always seem to know what to say – and how to say it – so that we’re not offended or upset. They’re caring and considerate, and even if we don’t find a solution to our problem, we usually leave feeling better.

We probably also know people who are masters in managing their emotions. They don’t get angry in stressful situations. Instead, they have the ability to look at a problem and calmly find a solution.

People like this have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They know themselves very well, and they’re also able to sense the emotional needs of others.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is recognised by many psychologists as more important than IQ for the success or failure in life and…

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Here’s some great craft activities on owls that I am reblogging from Parenting and Sfuff blog.

Parenting And Stuff

Do you also feel that if your children are bored it’s your problem? That it’s your job to keep them busy?

Let’s clear this first: It’s not your problem if they’re bored. Let them be bored, and let them learn to keep themselves busy (or not). Boredom is good for children, and encourages creativity.

Now, if you still feel you need to keep them busy (what can I say, I always do…) well…

I am an owls addict!

Collected for you some owls crafts ideas for various ages, toddlers up:

owl crafts

Owl paper craft Instructions 

owl crafts

Flying owl pattern here

owl crafts

Isn’t he the cutest??? Here 

owl crafts

Love this.  From Kerry’s craft blog

owl crafts

Stuffed owls here

So many creative idea’s, I don’t know where to start.

While we’re at it, one of my favorite owl sites is my owl barn, publishing this yearly amazing free download owls calendar, a collaboration of many great…

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Autism Resources

This is a useful link to Characteristics of Autism. You will also find links to other relevant topics at this website.

Characteristics of Autism . Autism . Inclusive Communities . PBS Parents | PBS.

—The Arc Autism Now: http://autismnow.org/

—Autism Speaks: http://www.autismspeaks.org/

—American Psychiatric Association on Autism: http://www.psychiatry.org/mental-health/key-topics/autism

—Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on autism: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/facts.html

—ASCEND (Autism Spectrum Center for Educational and Neurological Development) 6741 Corsair Ave. Prescott, AZ 86301, 928-443-9290 www.azautismascend.org

Autism Info: http://www.autisminfo.com/

Walden Program: http://www.emory.edu/EMORY_REPORT/erarchive/2003/September/September8/9_8_03walden.html This is a brief description of the Walden program your young children with autism.

Carly’s Voice: http://carlysvoice.com/ One of the first books to explore firsthand the challenges of living with autism, it brings readers inside a once-secret world and in the company of an inspiring young woman who has found her voice and her mission.

How Can You Help Your Student with Aspergers:   http://www.nea.org/aspergers Kathi Grace, an award-winning special educator in Vermont shares a few tips for working with students with Aspergers. Note: Aspergers is now considered part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, high functioning.

Florida State University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities: http://www.fsuautism.com/

Kennedy-Krieger Institute: http://www.kennedykrieger.org/

UC Davis Mind institute: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/mindinstitute/

Autism Safety.org: http://www.autismsafety.org/ Addresses bullying, mistreatment and suicide prevention.

CDC, Autism Spectrum Disorder; http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/index.html
Autism Research Institute

Autism Society of America

Center for the Study of Autism