Train wrecked emotions ADHD – growing up with ADHD

I read this blog about the young man’s experience growing up with ADHD. It reminded me of a few students I  had in my classes as a high school resource special education teacher. The other students and many of the other teachers in the school were quite cruel and totally lacking in any compassion or understanding. We need more understanding, more caring, and more appropriate accommodations and modifications. It is sad that this person could not find this in his public school and had to suffer homesickness at the boarding school which was finally able to meet his needs. How can we make our classrooms places where children with ADHD get what they need socially, emotionally, and academically? Shaming, punishment, and social rejection are not the answer that is for sure!

Train wrecked emotions ADHD – growing up with ADHD.

via Train wrecked emotions ADHD – growing up with ADHD.


Eric Carle and iPad Babies

Eric Carle and iPad Babies

This blog post seemed relevant as we begin talking about ADHD and what may be causing the increases in the number of children who are being diagnosed and treated. There are several other issues related to how young children learn best addressed as well.